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CAST: Judith Wilson


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We've unearthed buried treasure with this videotape! Naturally sensual bondagette of the '80s Judith Wilson stars in a potpourri of scenes; some personal, some professional, most from her first years of modeling! This doe-eyed brunette likes to play both conflict and consensual roles--from damsel-in-distress to Love-Slave. SELF-BONDAGE SEQUENCES: Judith applies handcuffs, opens up for a leather plug/panel gag, and then caresses herself sensually as she applies shackles. The next self-bondage has Judith tying her own ankles, knees, thighs and breasts (great chest-work) before gagging herself with double-packing, cleave wrap, and three pieces of tape. She finishes it up in a hogtie. In the third self-bondage scene, Judith locks her ankles 'round a commode, then handcuffs herself!BEHIND-THE-SCENES: For one sequence, we get to listen in as the director urges Judith to move and writhe for the camera. His hands enter momentarily to apply a gag of mouth-ball and Ace-wrap, then he resumes giving instructions. Live sound, voice-over, music. Erratic videography. This material was shot in the '80s, so video quality is not equal to today's standards--but the content is exceptional!