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CAST: Abby Cameron,Amber Michaels,Julie Simone,Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green),Paige Richards,Sadie Atkins


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This non-stop rope-and-gag-packed frenzy features beauties being titillatingly tied by other beauties -- but also by beasts Ikaras and Oak!
Julie Simone is the female bondager in two stories: "Spice Up Your Life" and "Neighbor Needs Binding." She ties sexy struggling Sadie, Paige and Abby.
Next, Julie becomes the bindee in a stalk-and-capture style vignette, followed by the grabbing and binding of Amber in the same unrelenting manner.
Mary Jane is bound by an intruder...or is he her lover?
The incredible climax features the guys tying Sadie, Paige and Julie in standing spread eagles, all on camera!
Stars Amber Michaels, Paige Richards, Julie Simone, Sadie Atkins, Abby Cameron and Mary Jane.
Directed by Oak O'Kork.