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CAST: Brook Evans,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Has any little lady ever been so offended by a crotchrope cleaving her soft flesh? This cute rich brat has had the world on a platter. Even Tami's own friends can't take her spoiled-princess routine any longer, so they send her to Jay Edwards. Tami thinks she's in for some mild kinky stuff that she can boast about at parties. She doesn't realize her friends have sent her for a major attitude adjustment--via intense bondage and discipline! Jay takes over quickly and our fun begins. Has any little lady ever been so offended by a crotchrope cleaving her soft flesh? And has it ever felt this good for us to see a gag being jammed into a pretty but complaining mouth? Tami has a will that was tailor-made to be broken! The first mouth-stuff/head-wrap scene is done with more urgency than usual, which is necessary with this little bundle of disobedient energy. When the breast bondage first goes on, you'll see an interesting conflict: is our babyfaced brat objecting, or is there something about the ropes tightening against her flesh that turns her on? Jay towers over Tami as she whimpers, subject to his whims. What a tiny, helpless package! He turns her this way and that, lifts her off the ground, inspects his new toy--then gets down to business with a cranked-deep crotchrope. You'll love her noises; half the time she's in denial, the other half she's trying to conceal her moans of arousal. A deep ballgag compliments the strappado hogtie; Tami gets ten hard strokes with a whip on her round asscheeks... then a teasing stroke on her crotchrope... then multiple hard strokes as her arms turn color. THEN her ankles are pulled up into a cruelly unnatural position. Her little sobs go unnoticed as Jay walks out on her. Bound with electrical wire, Tami takes a strict breast-whipping. For some reason (!) this turns her on. Jay's hands caress her tightly tied tits, then he tucks a vibrator against the crotchrope to increase her sexual tension. A back-bending suspension follows: her total helplessness will pop your cork. By the end of her ordeal, Tami has been molded into a bondage sensualist. She receives another hard stinging breast-whipping; this time she doesn't try to hide her erotic feelings. This month's slave session is in the bedroom. Busty brunette Brook Evans is displayed in breast-bondage and spread-eagle for whipping on the thighs, stomach and tits. Jay leaves before Brook's "done," so she shakes her little bell-gag, ringing to get his attention...but he doesn't return.