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CAST: Justine Sands,Paige Rene

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay starts things off right by carrying a very helpless Paige Rene in over his shoulder. She wears only the skimpiest of baby blue lingerie with high heels, and her moans let us know that she’s rather excited by her predicament. Jay leashes her to a post and tells her to stay still...but how can she when she’s tied so tightly and her nipples are squeezed by those cruel clamps? Next, Paige is frogtied on the floor. Jay tosses her about for his own pleasure, slaps her ass and changes her big red ballgag to a black harness-style ball. And still, she whimpers with pleasure! A post strappado is next, showcasing Paige’s round ass. New red and black lingerie also serves to spice things up – as do weighted nipple clamps, duct tape over her ballgag and a hoist to her crotchrope. Now in a tight lotus-tie, Paige’s arms are welded together with intricate roping. She tries so hard to please her Master as he manhandles her helpless body! Another gag change, this time to cloth wadding and med-wrap, and soon the lotus becomes a cross-legged hogtie, on camera. Now Paige lays on the floor with one ankle tied up to the post. Unsatisfied, Jay gets her up on her knees, roughly paws her flesh and carries her into the next room. It’s time for this purring submissive to pay oral tribute to the mounted phallus! Back on the post again, Paige is pushed right up to her limits as Jay ties one of her ankles up high, crotchropes her, weights her nipple clamps and places a huge strip of micro-foam tape over her fat ballgag. These cries and whimpers are REAL, folks! The program finishes up with three scenes of sweet little Latina Justine Sands in lavender lingerie and stockings. Jay carries her petite form in and proceeds to bind her with erotic abandon. (The final scene is accomplished almost entirely on camera!) And if that weren't enough, we even get a sexy preview of JEV-155!