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CAST: Jenni Lee,Shannon Kelly

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Shannon and Jenni Lee struggle though some intense bondage and discipline at the hands of Master Jay. Flame-tressed Shannon is up first and this girl is truly a perpetual-motion machine! Tightly tied, suspended, twisted this way and that, whipped, nipple-clamped and roughly manhandled, she never stops wriggling and mmmphing. Carried in over Jay's shoulder, she's soon hung up by her ankle ropes and things only get tougher from there. Balancing precariously on one foot in the corner, Jay pulls her chest ropes forward until she?s scarily off balance! Later, a strict strappado is turned into a Willie-esque post tie (on camera!) that leaves Shannon's upturned ass vulnerable to Jay's whip. An asymmetrical tie has Shannon whimpering, then moaning loudly when Jay suspends her upside down by one ankle! Sexy Jenni Lee has her own share of torment to endure. She's strappado?d, sponge-gagged, ballgagged, nipple-clamped, and spanked...and that's all in her first scene! A standing position is made more extreme when Jay suspends one of her legs to the ceiling, running the rope through a ring on her ballgag. In one marathon scene, bound Jenni Lee is harness-gagged on camera, then carried to another location where her crotchrope is hoisted towards the ceiling. Still in the same scene, Jay removes the hoist, puts Jenni Lee on the ground, hogties her and partially suspends her from her wrist ropes! Her distress here is very real. Finally, she's standing in a shibari-style hemp rope tie. Wicked Jay can't resist roping one leg up until she's stretched practically parallel to the floor! Includes previews of JEV-133.