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CAST: Charlie (aka Charlie Sierra),Goldie (aka Goldie Blair),Jewell Marceau,Kat Valentine


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Two sets of sexy roommates who can't seem to get along without screaming and screwing!
Jewell and Charlie are both actresses. When Jewell comes home raving about the great audition she just had, Charlie is amazed because she too read for a terrific par that very same morning! Uh oh, looks like they're both up for the same part. To make matters even worse, both lezbo lovelies also tried bedding the female casting director, hoping to cinch the deal!
When all this comes out, Jewell and Charlie tear into each other, squeezing boobs, scratching, and face-sitting! They both have perfectly plump breasts -- all the better to smother each other with!
Eventually, things get just too hot to handle and passions ignite. All that aggression turns into lust!
These gals and their raunchy sex-fest are smokin' hot...but did either of them get the part?
STORY TWO...Goldie is astounded when her ditzy roommate Kat drags in a dirty old futon and suggests Goldie use it to sleep on. She wants to sell Goldie's big, fancy bed for some extra cash!
Of course a great big screaming match breaks out. When Kat reveals, though, that she already has sold the valuable bed, sweet little Goldie goes feral!
Clawing, pulling off clothes and grabbing at flesh, Goldie demands (in her sexy, British-accented voice) that Kat go get her bed back! Once the two vixens have fought themselves to exhaustion, however, Kat shows Goldie just how much fun she can have on a futon if she puts her mind to it!
Written and directed by Darla Crane!