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CAST: Chelsea Blue,Nikki Darlin (aka Mistress Nicolette),Tory Sinclair,Taylor St. Claire


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Nikki Darlin is looking for an added source of income and her sexy pal, Tory Sinclair has just the answer.
Experienced at making wrestling videos, Tory agrees to teach Nikki the trick of the trade. Nikki's head swells with her newfound knowledge as she proceeds to show off her prowess.
The action begins in a friendly manner, but soon elevates to out and out cat fighting with no holds barred! She Straddles her tutor Tory and torments her mercilessly.
Not willing to be outclassed by her pupil, Tory forgoes her wrestling moves and dishes out a punishing plateful of humiliation to remind Nikki who is the teacher and who is the student!
Just about the time they wrap things up, Tory's friend, Chelsea Blue calls to complain about her sloppy but gorgeous roommate, Taylor St. Clair. Tory's recommendation is a good butt-kicking and a large dose of humiliation!
A slapfest between the brunette babes ensures and Chelsea is superb as she leads Taylor around the house by the hair and makes her clean up with, among other things, her teeth!
Big breasts are used as weapons and plenty of slapping, hair pulling and nipple tweaking punctuate this hot naked scene!