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CAST: Andrea Neal,Stella Dubois


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The starlets in this video dress, interact, and are tied just like the models were in Irving Klaw's Manhattan studio, back in the 1950s!
Andrea Neal, as wholesome a vision of yesteryear bondagette as one could ask for, wears a panty-girdle, stockings, garters, opera gloves and shiny, five-inch-heeled d'Orsay pumps. French beauty Stella Dubois is equally fetching in her alternating white and black lingerie and four-inch-heeled stiletto pumps.
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of thisvideo is that the bondages themselves are painstaking re-creations of actual Klaw proven by the inclusion of the original black and white image at the beginning of each scene! (Andrea even takes on a couple of Bettie Page scenes!)
Whether you're a fan of classic lingerie, Andrea, Stella, or Klaw...we're absolutely convinced that will find this video wonderfully authentic and yet refreshingly up-to-date!
Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer.