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CAST: Blake Mitchell,Star Chandler


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Back in 1995, Harmony asked Star Chandler to produce a video series featuring realistic love-bondage-play between women.
After all, who better to demonstrate this kind of sensual, sororital interaction than a gal who practices bondage with other ladies in her personal life?
For this, the first entry in the series, Star chose lovely, busty wrestling nd XXX star Blake Mitchell as her submissive. Blake's lush curves are a nice counterbalance to Stars tall, willowy physique and they clearly share a nice level of comfort.
The two beauties engage in a bit of role-playing then slip into more consensual games. Despite her dynamic looks and experience, Blake starts out nervous and even a bit timid. By the tape's climactic final scene, however, she's purring like a kitten under the soft touch of Mistress Star!
Features lots of on-camera binding and gagging. There's gentle struggling and Blake even wears a blindfold for a tie on Star's bed!