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CAST: Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Stacy is sick and tired of her boring, inattentive boyfriend Bryan Davis. When he tells her she can't go out with the girls she hits the roof and breaks up with him! Well, Bryan can have none of that kind of behavior. Sneaking into Stacy's house, he ambushes her and grabs her as she's trying to go out to party with the girls. You'll enjoy lots of kicking and struggling as Stacy tries to fight him off! Once he has his wayward babe under control, Bryan does all sorts of devious things to her?including tying her in extremely tight bondage, gagging her, and stripping off her tarty party clothes. Stacy complains a LOT, but something tells us this is exactly the kind of attention she's been craving!