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CAST: Carolyn Reese,Cindy Jessup,Eve Ellis,Queenie Avalon,Shawna Lake,Talia Monet,Tawny Lashelle,Tory Sinclair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This is a two-movie disk featuring three stories: "The Return of Atomic Woman," (UC-18), "Dynamic Damsel vs. The Sorceress," and "Latex Lady and Sapphire vs. Time-Warp." (UC-19).
In UC-18, superstarlet Tory returns as the amazing Atomic Woman! An army of supervillains is threatening the world, and rookie superheroine Starfire (Carolyn Reese) tries to coax the former champion of justice out of her self-imposed exile to save mankind. Yet neither superlady is aware the golden-haired heroine has been implanted with a mind-control device, and once Atomic Woman is back in costume, Starfire uses her powers to subdue the returning defender of righteousness. Atomic Woman gains the upper hand, but then a villain named Duct-Tape bursts in, determined to extinguish Starfire and cut Atomic Woman's comeback short! The story is followed by two thrilling vignettes of security guards in trouble!
UC-19 Three sexy superheroines face dire peril in UC-19! In "Dynamic Damsel vs. The Sorceress," a wicked enchantress (Talia Monet) is commanded to annihilate Earth's strongest heroine. She summons her quarry's archenemy, Satori the Ninja, and together the dastardly duo ambush Dynamic Damsel (newcomer Cindy Jessup). The Sorceress then uses her seductive, mystical powers to pry the secret of the superlady's weakness from their unwilling guest. How will Dynamic Damsel escape her impending doom? A diabolical villain rewrites history in "Latex Lady & Sapphire vs. Time-Warp." Latex Lady (Eve Ellis) and Sapphire (Shawna Lake) fall into a temporal trap, and the evil time-meddler makes dangerous changes in their earlier adventures. Can our brave heroines prevail before they run out of time?
Stars Carolyn Reese, Cindy Jessup, Eve Ellis, Queenie Avalon, Shawna Lake, Talia Monet, Tawny LaShelle and Tory Sinclair.
Directed by Jon Woods.