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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Tyler Macneil

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tyler is a college student looking for a room to rent. Jay has such a room available and is so impressed by Tyler that he agrees to let her move in. The only thing he asks is that she never look inside the room at the end of the hall, but Tyler is just too darn nosy and she's not even fully unpacked before she's heading down the hall to that door. She can't figure out what the big deal is until she opens a closet and gets an eyeful of Jay's bondage equipment! Then she doesn't notice Jay entering the room behind her until she's firmly in his grip. She's erred and now she must pay. Jay ties her to a chair and cuts off her panties with a knife (!). He pulls and slaps at her breasts and thighs and she begs him to stop, but we know that her punishment has only just begun. Again and again he ties her, until finally she's forced into a full split on the bed! Tyler may want to be released, but that doesn't stop her from getting turned on when Jay slips a small vibrator under her crotch! The video continues with four scenes of Alexis. She's roped belly-down on a stool; arched backwards, kneeling against a short post and sporting a heavily-weighted crotchrope; seated on the stool and subjected to extra-tight on-screen breast bondage; then ball-tied and semi-suspended, partially balanced on one knee.