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CAST: Anna Mills, Jaysson Crane, Sinnamon Love, Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Close-Up is very happy to bring you two more smokin’ bondage experiences from director Tony Starc! In this new production, Tony hosts two amazing models in his hotel rooms: one a seasoned pro and one an impressive newcomer to Close-Up!
CHAPTER ONE: SINNAMON...Sinnamon Love is a sexy African American girl who refers to herself as a “rope slut.” Her face is so pretty and her curves are to die for, so you know things are going to heat up fast. Arriving at Tony’s door dressed casually in jeans and a tank top, Sinnamon and her photographer get to know each other for a bit before she heads off to the bathroom to change into a sweet little negligee and high heels. Tony loves the outfit and asks her to show off her killer derriere. Of course, a man can only hold out so long and soon it’s time for the ropes and ballgags. Sinnamon sexily squirms her way through four tight bondages, as Tony takes full advantage of her vulnerable body. Her vibrator orgasm scene will have you on the edge of your seat as she cums like a rocket!
CHAPTER TWO: ANNA...This series of scenes will show you why blonde and beautiful Anna Mills is a Close-Up favorite. Unfortunately, Tony keeps Anna waiting on the sofa a bit longer than she’d prefer and her apprehension is apparent. Perhaps a bit of patience would be wise, but what’s a girl to do? Tony is on the case, though, and soon Anna is tautly roped-up on the sofa, dressed in her sultry cocktail dress and heels. As Tony’s hands roam her body, she initially seems even more nervous...but those hands are quite good at what they do and Anna’s eyes start to slip closed in arousal. By the time he has her semi-frogtied on the bed, her hands are seeking out HIS private areas, as well. Anna’s spreadeagle vibrator scene is quite intense and had us panting!