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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sexy Alexis has recently rented a room in Jay's house. The two roommates get along great, although Alexis does get a bit peevish when Jay forgets to put his work equipment away. But hey, he's a busy guy and bondage is his business, right? Once in a while she's going to have to deal with ropes, gags and nipple clamps lying around.
Well, today is that kind of day. Jay has been interviewing a prospective model and must dash out on an errand before tidying up. After he leaves, though, Alexis finds herself strangely drawn to the pile of bondage implements. Gingerly placing a fat white ballgag into her mouth, the busty brunette is suddenly overcome with fantasies of being tightly tied and gagged. As her fantasies progress, she even starts to imagine Jay punishing and playing with her helpless body!
Alex's reveries are HOT but when Jay returns home she plays it cool, deciding to try binding herself in private later on. We get to watch as she ropes up her own massive tits but soon she realizes she won't be able to tie her own elbows or wrists. Summoning up all of her courage, she calls Jay into her room and meekly asks him to help her out...which he gladly does, for the rest of the day!
After the story we get three ultra-demanding scenes of lovely and naked Eve Ellis. First she sits trustingly as Jay bolts harsh metal bands around her body and face, then she's cinched up twice in incredibly tight black electrical cord. Jay even twists her into an extreme, semi-suspended hogtie with the cord!
Includes previews of JEV-142.