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CAST: Cody Nichole,Margarite Partee, Kim Bittner), Kim Bittner, Pia Snow)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: AB-4 and AB-5 are currently being released as SSV-38 "MAID FOR BONDAGE"

Originally titled "On An Afternoon, Part 2", this erotic offering from John Howard at AB Video Productions stars Cody Nichole, Pia Sands and Margarite Partee.
This is the second part of a story about an afternoon bondage-sex romp between Cody and Margarite, who have just met. Cody's former lover Pia has shown up and things have gotten ver-r-r-ry interesting!
Each girl manages to gain the upper hand at some point and all three clearly enjoy their sexy predicaments.
Great acting, sexy girl/girl interaction and tight bondage make this an awesome addition to any collection...and the fact that this production was done in 1983 (!) makes it a must-have CLASSIC!
(Don't miss out on part 1 of this exciting story, DOMINATION BY DESIRE order #AB-4)