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CAST: Paula,Sabrina Mills,Stephanie Fox

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sabrina is one of Jay's most submissive models and she really shows her stuff in this video! We open on a dilapidated old factory. Jay carries Sabrina (already bound and gagged) in over his shoulder, then proceeds to put her tight little body through a very extended fondling session. As he pulls her clothing aside for better access, he subjects her breasts to intense pulling, grabbing and squeezing. The poor girl is totally helpless! When next we find her, she's precariously perched on a stool in a muscle-straining semi-suspension?that soon enough becomes a FULL suspension. Then she's suspended AGAIN, this time upside down and single-sleeved! A demanding strappado leaves the petite brunette vulnerable from behind and Jay takes full advantage of her bound body. Finally, she's tied standing -- well, more like wobbling -- on a long spreader bar. A vibrator secured between her thighs has her moaning in ecstasy! Will there be no rescue for this damsel in distress? After the story we are treated to two tough kneeling-bondage scenes of blue eyed blonde Stephanie and two sexy chair ties for exotic, dark-haired Paula! Includes previews of JEV-119.