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CAST: Domino,Shannon Kelly

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's more stunningly strenuous bondage from Jay Edwards!
Jay carries a struggling Shannon Kelly in over his shoulder and tries to decide what to do with her. He's in the mood for something "special" and who better to spend a special day with than the tough cookie who can take just about everything he dishes out? Shannon whimpers and mews, but we know she's into it. Just look at her outfit: long black stockings, silky opera gloves, ultra-high heels and a leopard print garter belt. This chickie is asking for it!
Drawing inspiration from the works of bondage art master Bishop, Shannon and Jay bring to life a series of positions that once seemed possible only with pen and paper! Her elbows are welded together for nearly every scene. Her jaws are held wide with fat ballgags. Her limbs are jacked at incredible angles. We get to enjoy her in heels and barefoot. She is even fully suspended in a leather-single-sleeve ball tie! If her groans of exertion are any indication, this petite bondage powerhouse is being pushed right up to the limits of her endurance. (There's also plenty of on-camera tying to showcase Jay's impressive talents.)
After the feature we are treated to a brand new addition to the Edwards stable, Domino! Lithe Domino has blonde hair, long legs and big, round tits – yum! Her bright green lingerie contrasts so well with her rich tan, then she’s a vision in red with heels to match. Enduring crotchropes, nipple clamps and mouth filling gags, Domino looks like a girl to watch!
(And as always, we get a full and satisfying preview of JEV-168!)