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CAST: Sharon Kane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

SECRET AMBITION60 Minutes – Starring Sharon Kane, Catharine Beaumont & Sadie Atkins Beautiful Mistress Sharon Kane runs one of the most successful bondage businesses in town, and she knows it. She delights in her success and gloats in the knowledge that so many look up to her. Even her personal bondage playmate, Sadie, is a thing to be desired. Roped to a leather table, Sadie looks up to Sharon with adoring eyes, and a gorgeous, natural body. But their intimate mood is broken with the intrusion of Catharine, who offers herself to Sharon as a switch-in-training. Sharon’s skeptical at first, but Catharine’s lavish flattery of the mistress’ skill and beauty assuages her doubts. She asks her new trainee to strip down to just her corset, then ropes her next to now-jealous Sadie. Soon a rivalry develops, and Sharon enjoys the attention as she repositions her two playmates. Saliva dripping past her ring gag, Catharine earns Sharon’s desire, and a chance to play mistress. While Sadie’s bound to an overhead, Mistress Sharon’s nude body stretches out spread-eagle on the table at Catharine’s hands. Once a wad of cloth is stuck in Sharon’s surprised mouth, Catharine lets her evil side show. With the successful bondage-woman restrained, Catharine is free to steal her many clients, as well as offer them a glimpse of the egomaniac mistress in nude bondage!