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CAST: Catalina L`Amour,Cindy Ashton,Kelly Ashton,Kelsie Chambers,Persephone,Summer Knight


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The president of the B&G Company (Catalina L' Amour) hires a professional corporate spy to test her organization's security system. Once he accepts the job, he receives a counter-offer from the president of a rival firm (owned by Persephone) to steal B&G's sensitive information!
The diligent spy moves like a juggernaut through the offices, restraining every office worker who gets in the way during his sinister mission. Once the sly thief gets his hands on the information he needs, he has a big surprise for Ms. L'Amour...and Persephone, too!
This video not only features seven gorgeous ladies in bondage, but a strong emphasis on on-screen tying as well.
Written and directed by Jon Woods and starring Catalina L' Amour, Cindy Ashton, Kelly Ashton, Kelsie Chambers, Persephone and Summer Knight.