Sensual Submission

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CAST: Isadora Rhodes,Porsche Lynn


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"SENSUAL SUBMISSION" There's no questioning that Porsche Lynn is one of the sexiest mistresses around, so when she gets the opportunity to initiate pretty little Isadora Rhodes into the sensual fun of Love Bondage, she tackles her task with a lust that's irresistible! Isadora plays a woman who only indulges in bondage only for her husband's sake, but doesn't enjoy it herself so she sets up five appointments with Mistress Porsche to learn how restraint can enhance a relationship. Although she's hesitant at first, soon Isadora discovers that it was her husband who made her unhappy not the bondage and from that point on, Porsche challenges her notions of how much sensual teasing one woman can stand. At their first meeting Porsche coaxes Isadora into a blindfold gag and classic hogtie (on-screen), but for their meeting she tries something more challenging, a standing spreadeagle with a very long spreader bar. For their third tryst, Isadora gets wrapped in blue cellophane and ballgagged (on-screen), and from then on, the bondages get sexier and sexier! (Both women wear body jewelry).