Seven Sins and Other Tales

Seven Sins and Other Tales

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CAST: Andrea Neal,Gloria Reyes,Jessica Eden,Jordann Scott,Stacy Burke,Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lust, Greed, Envy, Anger, Vanity, Gluttony and Sloth are the seven deadly sins. Eccentric Hollywood writer Jessica Eden and her wannabe-actress maid (Jordann Scott) learn the wages of these sins is bondage in the lighthearted title tale of this delightful short story collection. It's disorder in the court for Gloria Reyes in the "The Trial." The contemptuous defendant finds herself subject to a gag order by a stern judge. When snooty art critic Talia Monet slams the work of Stacy Burke, the temperamental artist overpowers the antagonistic critic and transforms Talia into a living exhibit at her gallery showing. A suburban sorceress (Andrea Neal) isn't too pleased to find a genie (Jessica Eden) in a bottle in "Don't You Wish 2," and likes it even less once she finds out what this genie's powers are!Directed by Jon Woods