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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When you're a full-time bondage producer, ballgags, rope and nipple-clamps are necessary company expenses. But when Jay gets audited, stuffy government robot Miss Westwood (Bambi) just doesn't "get it." She scoffs at the idea that Jay can provide evidence of these costs. Out come the handcuffs, and Miss Westwood's in for a lesson she won't forget! The bitchy redhead's handcuffed and tied to the chair, a ballgag's forced past her teeth, her clothes are pulled open and Jay wields clamps on her naked nips. Bambi complains for all she's worth, which is not much through that muffling ballgag! Before you know it she's planted on the floor in nothing but her racy lingerie. The next few scenes will please purists who love to see a beautiful woman alone with her predicament. Jay gives her plenty of time to explore each position (while we get to explore her curves!). She endures a perfect elbow-bound cross-ankle hogtie as her angry squirmings only make the bondage pull tighter. After this tax tart has been given time to calm down, Jay arrives on the scene, only to find that she hasn't calmed down at all! This won't do! He shoves her down onto the bed and smacks her ass with the riding crop. Nice red marks pepper her pink derriere as she puts up a defiant (but futile) fight. It becomes necessary to move feisty Miss Westwood to Jay's dungeon for training. There she gets the full 100% onslaught of bondage discipline that will inevitably crack that hard shell. The suspension scene alone is worth the price of admission. It seems to go on forever, and forever, and forever, until at last Jay enters -- only to crank his captive up into a tighter stretch. And that's not all! Your appetite whetted, turn your attention to the Red Slave Room, where kewpie-doll slave Tami is shown doing the impossible (pleasing an exacting Master!). Jay puts her on a pedestal -- a precarious one -- and Tami submits graciously as Jay adds a rope to make the position even more difficult. By now we know what to expect from Tami: she'll do anything for Jay, and so of course he cranks her into her first hogtie suspension. Supported only by chest and ankles, Tami grows unusually quiet as she endures the agonizing test in honor of her Master. She passes with flying colors, giving us the kind of pinnacle scene we usually see only in our dreams. Directed by Jay Edwards. The program closes with previews of Jay's next production.