Sex Wrestling Auditions

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CAST: Carly Parker, Grant Michaels, Jerry, Kris Knight, Lacey Tom, Mac Turner, Vanessa Lane, Zara


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Heads up! Something new from Matrock. SEX WRESTLING AUDITIONS are an inside look at the search for and casting of beautiful women and studly men to star in future hardcore Matrock features. A talent scout with camera in hand approaches and interviews beautiful women in hopes of casting them for Matrock. You hear his voice and their reactions to pointed questions about modeling and performing in in X-rated videos. The camera mancompliments and coaxes both female and male models thru costume selection, still shoots, and all the way thru hardcore sex. Matrock documents and shows you what you've never seen before...SEX WRESTLING AUDITIONS.AUDITION ONE: LACY TOM & GRANT MICHAELS First approached on the street, Eurasian fitness model Lacy Tom, and South African professional bodybuilder Grant Michaels agree to model. Their session is easy and comfortable with lots of talk before getting down to business. Lacy wears a two piece pink and black fitness outfit. Muscleman Grant wears yellow bike shorts. The wrestling is mostly to get the models naked. Lacy likes to suck dick. Grant likes to eat pussy. And both both like to fuck in multiple positions. Grant shoots all over Lacy's tits. And Lacy says "I loved it."AUDITION TWO: CARLY PARKER & KRIS KNIGHT Our scout finds philosophy major college coed Carly in a supermarket. Blond and beautiful she agrees to shoot with stud model Kris. Sporting a dragon tatoo on his right pec, worked-out Kris has black spiked hair and wears black trunks. Playful but turned on to each other, Carly and Kris waste no time getting naked. Fucking in various positions, it's clear that Carly likes it on top and rides Kris' rigid boner who finally cums in Carly's mouth. Pleased with his performance Kris announces "I feel on top of the world." Carly Parker is showgirl beautiful.AUDITION THREE: ZARA, & MAC TURNER Another supermarket score for our talent scout, 5' 9" artists' model Zara comes across like a European fashion model and has no qualms about posing naked. Collegiate looking happy-go-lucky Mac shows Zara some playful practice wrestling moves to warm things up. Zara's ready to go and gets Mac's black trunks off so she can suck his dick. And Mac loves to eat pussy, so it's back and forth...suck and and suck. Finally fucking, Zara loves it...missionary....doggy....side split...any position makes her happy. Finishing things off Mac takes things into his on hands and beats his load off to Zara's fascination.AUDITION FOUR: VANESSA LANE & JERRY The Matrock editors have saved the best audition for last. Approached while walking her dog, Vanessa plays it a little coy to the modeling offer. But when she ultimately gets a dick in her cunt, she is a spectacular fuck. Weighing under a hundred pounds with a perfect body...great tits...actual abs...a world class ass...and a voracious vortex of a pussy...watching little Vanessa fuck is pussy pounding poetry in action. To get Jerry going she slaps his cock then devourers it whole. Jerry goes muff diving and Vanessa asks "You like that tight little pussy?" When Jerry fucks her she moans "Your like a rock. Oh my god. OH MY GOD !" After a furious fuck Jerry pumps a bucketful cum shot into Vanessa's mouth....and she LOVES it. This girl is beautiful and this girl is talented. Order up Vanessa !