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CAST: Jill Hayworth, Lena Ramon


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jill is sweet and shy, the slightly naughty girl next door. Lena is sexy and mysterious with intense blue eyes. Both have lovely, long dark hair, petite figures, and all-natural bodies. In this video they both shine. Jill starts us off in a simple, efficient hogtie, barefoot and in her undies. Next we find Lena wearing only shiny vinyl panties, spread-legged and barefoot on the sofa. Jill wears pretty blue lingerie and matching ballgag for her next position, a bed spread-eagle. Lena is a silver vision in her slick, shiny outfit, lotus-tied and drooling in leather straps on the living room floor. Next, Jill is a captured showgirl, post-tied and ballgagged at the foot of the bed. Lena wears a tight little shorts outfits for a position seated on a tall stool. Totally nude now, Jill kneels at the head of the bed, her arms tied wide, her knees apart. A bitgag makes her drool on her breasts. Lena wears a very fetishy vinyl vest and leggings, as she's seated on a short stool. A large ballgag keeps her mouth helpless (and believe us -- this gal DROOLS A LOT!). Jill's last position is a winner - a fully nude and barefoot, super-strict, face-down spreadeagle with crotchrope! Lena's last tie shows off her perfect ass, as she's on her tummy on the sofa, wearing only a shiny little halter top and high heels. Watch as she wriggles that perfect rump in the air!