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CAST: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers),Jewell Marceau

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

Jewell is up first in this bondage double-header, and she does not disappoint! Dressed only in black lingerie, heels and a pretty blue corset, Jewell is bound several different ways by her masked captor. Tied standing under a wooden frame, the evil man makes her ordeal more difficult by tying her ankles w-i-d-e apart, then she must endure a super-strict strappado. The pretty brunette is bound perched atop a tall stool but soon the man enters and forces her to the floor for some intense fondling. Binding her into a lotus position, he adds weighted clamps to her swollen nipples. A "package" hogtie is next for poor Jewell, then she's arched back hard for an unusual suspension. She can't move anything but her head! By the end of the day, though, we find out her fate...she's locked up in a trunk to be sold to a waiting buyer!Luscious Brandy is up next and boy, is she feisty! She fights her captor at every step, even breaking away from him in a quickly quashed escape attempt. Despite her struggles, he manages to pull off her panties (on camera) and tie on a crushing crotchrope. Ouch! After spending so much time standing in her bonds, Brandy is finally allowed to sit -- she's tied to a chair with a buzzing vibrator roped between her trembling thighs! Two of today's top bondage models, dressed in lingerie and heels, securely bound eleven different ways...brought to you by the folks at Sterne-Masterson!