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CAST: Devin Demoore


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Exotic Devin DeMoore stars in this vignette tape of leather strap and cuff bondage, and she's never been lovelier! Starting off in a simple cross-ankled hogtie with bit gag, Devin rolls seductively on the floor. Her tawny skin contrasts beautifully with her red lingerie and high heels. A racy, lacy teddy is the perfect outfit for a strap and cuff lotus position on the sofa, then Devin's ankle cuffs are connected to her wrist cuffs - by padlocks! Next, it's a full-nude, barefoot, strap frogtie with a wide black tape gag. Finally, Devin is strapped and cuffed to a stool, with a vibrator buzzing between her thighs. She struggles and strains, until she succumbs to a GENUINE orgasm in bondage! Lots of leather, fat gags, pretty lingerie, bare feet and high heels , combined with Devin's incredible bondage instincts, make this one terrific video!