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CAST: Darla Crane,Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch),Shanna Mccullough (aka Nichole Thomas),Sid Deuce,Solé Micheaux


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's a Darla Crane/Superheroine DVD DOUBLE FEATURE!
PART 1: SHANNA JUNGLE PRINCESS...XXX legend Shanna McCullough returns to the world of bondage under the skilled hands of director Darla Crane! Wild and untamed, Shanna has spent her life in the jungle, among her animal "family". Now evil Dr. Ursa Major (Darla) has escaped from her asylum prison with hopes of taking over the world! The government calls upon Shanna to bring in Dr. Major, since she's the only person who has been able to do so in the past...but to catch this prey Shanna must first allow herself to be ensnared by the wicked scientist. With the aid of her sexy assistant, Nurse Honey (busty blonde XXX star Sid Deuce) and her thug henchman Dim, Dr. Major intends to study and eventually clone Shanna to create an army of superhuman jungle dwellers! Not only that, but she plans on destroying much of the jungle wildlife that Shanna holds so dear to make room for this army of mutants. To foil Dr. Major's nefarious plan, Shanna must endure bondage after bondage and the humiliation of a REAL vibrator climax! But rest assured, our heroine eventually turns the tables on both the depraved doctor AND Nurse Honey - who gets a FORCED ORGASM of her own!
PART 2: SOLAR FLARE VS. GLACIER... Detective Chris Kelly (played adorably by Lorelei) is a determined crime fighter. So determined, in fact, that she's also secretly superheroine Solar Flare! Solar Flare is from a planet that's much warmer than the Earth. She derives super strength and speed from the warmth of the sun, but grows weaker when it's too cold and dark. Her arch-nemesis, Glacier (spritelike Solé Micheaux), likes it cold and keeps her lair frosty. Detective Kelly decides she must find out where Glacier's lair is before the chilly villain can steal a shipment of antique diamond jewelry scheduled to be delivered to a Capital City jewelry store. By planting a fictitious story in the paper, Chris manages to get herself chloroformed and kidnapped by Glacier, but doesn't escape until after the wintry vixen has tormented her poor nipples with real ice! Later, in the jewelry store's back room, Solar Flare manages to get the drop on Glacier, and this time the bad girl goes down...for a three year prison term! As soon as she gets out, though, Glacier is back to her old tricks and swearing revenge on Solar Flare. Before she knows it, our flaxen-haired heroine is back in Glacier's cold clutches and this time the frosty femme goes too far. Not only does she un-mask the golden girl, she also uses a vibrating device to force our plucky heroine to a genuine, jaw-clenching ORGASM! Will Solar Flare ever manage to melt her icy foe?