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CAST: Jenni Lee,Sharon Engert

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Beautiful Sharon sits at the dressing table, wondering what the day will bring. This isn't just any day, you see. Today is the day Sharon will experience her very first bondage shoot with Jay Edwards and she's so excited!
As the shoot progresses, Sharon is put though her paces in grand style. The first scene has her wobbling on tightly roped legs, until Jay enters and turns the whole thing into a strappado with weighted nipple clamps. Next, she marks time tied to the slave chair with a wooden breast press clamped tightly around her huge boobs. For the following two scenes, Sharon's lush curves are packed into sexy latex lingerie! First she's strapped to a spinning post and nipple-clamped, then she's kneeling and bent over so that Jay can whip and crop her rubber-covered asscheeks! For her last scene, Sharon is completely nude and barefoot in Jay's "Asian" room. Her tanned skin is pinched by rough manila rope -- including a wickedly knotted crotchrope! And what is her reward for being such a great model all day long? Why, a vibrator against her waiting pussy, of course!
Next it's time for three demanding scenes of sweet Jenni Lee. She starts out in a Shibari-style tie that, amazingly, ends up as a kneeling, partially-suspended strappado, then it's two dungeon ties for the now-corseted cutie. Tottering in a standing tie, she can only squeal and gasp for breath as Jay cranks her up off the ground and into midair, then her whole sexy body is bound in hard, black electrical cord. Even the ballgag is threaded on cord! Poor little Jenni Lee!
Includes previews of JEV-138.