Sharon's Lazy Roommate & Home Intruder

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CAST: Cleo Nichole,Nikki Darlin (aka Mistress Nicolette),Sharon Kane,Stella Dubois


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

SHARON'S LAZY ROOMMATE.... Sharon has a problem with Nikki, her lazy, freeloading roommate. Every day Sharon rushes off to work as Nikki lounges on the couch, reading and eating bon-bons. Each day when Sharon returns from work, Nikki is still sitting on the couch, in her lingerie, reading and eating bon-bons -- or worse, napping! Finally, upon returning home to find Nikki napping, again, Sharon decides to teach Nikki a lesson. Sharon ties and gags Nikki, refusing to let her go until she promises to clean up her act. Nikki's lesson is hard-learned however, and she is tied again, and again! After an elbows together position, a hogtie variation on an ottoman, a chair-tie (with blindfold), another hogtie variation (attached to ceiling) and a modified strappado, Nikki finally learns that Sharon means business! Nikki and Sharon capture some wonderfully classic moments that harken back to John Willie's "Lazy Roommate". Directed by Chelsea PfeifferHOME INTRUDER... At home after a hard day's work, Stella DuBois takes a phone call from her receptionist's boyfriend who has been coming onto Stella every time he drops into the office to visit.Poor Cleo Nichole, the receptionist, is beginning to catch on to the office romance, and the betrayal of her own boss! It's clear to Cleo who the real culprit is here. Cleo decides to teach her boss a lesson and sneaks into Stella's house before Stella gets home. She hears the phone call, confirming her beliefs concerning her beau and her boss. As soon as Stella hangs up the phone, Cleo pounces, and wrestles, ties and gags Stella. This surprise is just the beginning and Cleo proceeds to bind and gag Stella, over and over until Stella agrees to stop seeing the bad boyfriend. Ultimately however, Stella has no interest in the cheating scoundrel Cleo calls her boyfriend. Stella wriggles free of her bindings and turns the tables on Cleo long enough to hogtie and gag her. Cleo puts up quite a fight, but once Stella has her bound spread-eagle to the bed, she phones Cleo's lover and demonstrates his lack of loyalty to the trussed and frustrated receptionist. Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer