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CAST: Rachel,Sharon Engert

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sharon is blonde, bodacious, bawdy...the proverbial brick house!
Jay leads his lingerie-clad captive to the basement and places her into an excruciating strappado with leashed ballgag and crotchrope, her high heels clattering on the cement floor as she struggles to no avail. Sharon is then tied seated on a stool with one gloved arm suspended over her head -- perfect for some nipple-clothespins and a gag change.
Now we find the busty babe bound in a kneeling strappado against a short post. Her huge tits are roped in such a way to (over) stimulate her big brown nipples and a quick change of roping (on camera) puts some intense pressure on her crotchrope! Panel-gagged and bound asymmetrically on the girlie-go-round, Sharon cringes as a wicked chrome clamp-bar squeezes her nips.
Finally, we get to see Sharon's magnificent physique completely nude (with her high heels on) tied tummy-down on a tall stool, one leg and one arm suspended and dangling up behind her. This position does NOT sound comfortable, especially after the addition of nipple clamps and a whip to her ass! She's then roped in a squat position on the tall stool and, judging by her troubled groans, the pressure on her quads must be excruciating. We can almost see her counting out the minutes in her mind as Jay adds rope after rope and then seals her mouth with duct tape over the ballgag.
Post-tied and harness-gagged, crotchroped and tit-clamped, Sharon seems worried as Jay starts wrapping one of her tanned legs with rope...and yes, it does appear to hurt quite a bit when he cranks that leg right up into the air and swats her ass!
Rounding out the program are three scenes of petite Latina Rachel. In her teeny pink bikini and high heels, she's stool-bound for some onscreen roping, then Jay carries his package-tied prize in and leaves her on the floor to squirm in more ultra-tight, elbows-together bondage. Black lingerie and heels add just the right amount of drama to Rachel's final submission.
(This video also includes and exciting preview of JEV-162!)