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CAST: Sharon Engert,Valorie

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay carries a very unhappy Sharon into a dingy old building. She’s still dressed, plus her arms are tied, she’s ballgagged...and from the look of things, she’s in for a very rough time!
Keeping his captive in place by leashing her to the ceiling, Jay then applies a tight crotchrope, right over her dress and panties. She's totally confused as he adds rope after rope, pulling her lush body this way and that. “I’m going to be especially nice to these,” he murmurs, pulling her huge tits out of her top and clipping clothespins onto her nipples.
Stripped down to her lingerie and now totally vulnerable, Sharon promises not to scream as Jay changes her white ballgag to a black leather plug. Her ultra-high heels clack loudly on the concrete floor as she struggles to maintain her balance during Jays manhandling but there’s certainly no one close enough to hear.
Sharon’s huge, meaty breasts and nipples are the star of the show here, as in each scene they are strictly roped, clamped, squeezed and slapped. The exceptional camera attention given to her sexy gag changings is also something very special to behold! The curvaceous blonde also endures some extremely taut hoisted crotchropes that leave her in obvious distress and at one point she even has a wooden dowel wedged firmly up against her delicate pussy flesh! When you have a submissive as spectacular as Sharon under your control, you want to make the very most of the situation!
And speaking of spectacular submissives, Jay presents us with a brand new model to round out this production! Darling little Valorie is just so sweet you'll want to jump onto the screen to play with her. This slender blonde clearly craves domination -- her whimpers and moans don't fool us for a second. She eyes Jay eagerly as he ties her to a tall stool and paws at her helpless body.
Next, it’s an almost-nude frogtie for our sexy damsel. She struggles quite energetically and tires herself a bit. When Jay smacks her ass HARD she yelps adorably. We get a very nice handgagging as Jay changes Valorie’s gag from a dowel-ball to a regular ball with a sweet little jingle bell, then, for her last tie, Valorie’s wrists are hammer-locked behind her in a most stunning fashion!
Also includes previews of JEV-150!