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CAST: Amber Michaels,Carolyn Monroe,Maya Lee


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jack Banners "SHE'S UNDER MY THUMB"105 Minutes! Starring Cory Lane, Hollywood, Carolyn Monroe, Amber Michaels, Goldie Blair, Philly, and introducing Maya Lee, Penny Lane and Jill Valdisar.Jack's back with an amazing new video. More multiple model sets, 3 new knockout bondagettes, and stories ripped right from today's headlines!! Oh yea, and the usual wicked ropework, along with mouth-watering models dressed and undressed exactly the way you want them.Cory and Hollywood star as two starlets who get nabbed shoplifting. Handcuffs, forced strips, intimate body searches and extremely tight tie-ups follow. Carolyn is featured in the next story, a take off on the movie "Secretary". Carolyn keeps making dumb mistakes, and is disciplined (with pleasure) by Jack. This includes being forced to perform embarrassing stunts, obeying orders to remove her clothes, and of course, enduring strict bondage and gaggage.Jack's always had a thing for Asian submissives, and Philly and Maya really deliver. Both are very new to bondage, and it shows. Their innocence is very sexy, and while Philly is a little shocked by the tight ropes and her loss of control, Maya's hard nipples betray how much she really loved to be dominated and tied by Jack.Last are 4 vignettes. Amber and Goldie twist and turn in their inescapable ropes, showing off their luscious bodies from every angle. But two newcomers, Penny and Jill almost steal the show. Both are blonde, frisky, gorgeous gal-next-door types, with bodies you'd love to.....well, you get the idea. Street clothes, lingerie and topless attire. Smooth nylon clad legs and skyscraper pumps. Rough ropes, mouth filling ball gags, strict control, on-screen ties and simply the best value in bondage video. Highly recommended. Directed by Jack Banner