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CAST: Dorothy Laine, Paul Cordell, Randi Storm


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Randi's just inherited an estate from a long, lost uncle, and she's ecstatic! Exploring her new manse, she discovers some strange bondage equipment in the attic and sets about locking herself into the cuffs and chains. While locking her hands over her head she accidentally drops the keys, just before the house staff shows up. Instead of freeing their new mistress, they rip her clothes to shreds and laugh as she drools on her breasts. Moved to the living room, Randi is bound to a padded "bondage horse", the Chef and Chauffeur fondle and whip her, then the Housemaid (Dorothy Laine) forces a penis-gag into her mouth and brings her to climax with a vibrator. Dorothy is so pleased with herself, however, that she gets careless. Soon she's dangling from her ankles in the attic. Randi gags her with a whip handle, clamps her nipples, and then returns the favor of the vibrator -- until Dorothy is forced into spasms of orgasm. (That's right, this video features two scenes of GENUINE female orgasms.) Chef and Chauffeur discover things are getting out of hand between these two vixens, so they secure the ladies into a double-bondage designed to help them get on friendlier terms!