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CAST: Brooke Waters


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When is Woman most beautiful?
When her inner vulnerability is laid bare; when raw flesh exposes raw emotion. You'll hold your breath when you see the torments that slave Brooke willingly suffers for her partner's pleasure. A skilled Master, Tarsis doesn't stop the scene until he has wrenched his slave's body and mind to another level of endurance...
Our eyes first explore Brooke as she kneels in slave position, awaiting the Master's homecoming. She admits to him that she has misbehaved. Repentant, she feverishly presses her body to him but is pushed away; punishment is in order.
Bound with black rope, Brooke must hold still for the sting of the crop on her tender inner thighs. She's roped into a folding position, her panties are ripped free and the crop now torments her most intimate areas. She is then posed at the window naked, so that the whole city can see her reddened ass. Intricately bound on a table and left with crotchrope in hand, Brooke attempts to relieve her sexual frustration by tugging at the rope--but it only builds her tension further.
The pinnacle punishment scene will drain you: Stretched and strung to a door, Brooke is subjected to relentless whipping on her beautiful ass and sensitive breasts. The discipline goes on and on until her breathing grows ragged and she reaches the breaking point. When Brooke is finally sobbing and her big brown eyes beg for mercy, Tarsis at last lays his whip aside and tenderly removes the nipple clamps. This unleashes a final rush of pain that makes Brooke cry out and writhe in anguish.
Brooke is then bound on her back for even more correction, with a crop dealing the blows to her sore nipples and clit. Close-ups show swollen marks on her raw thighs. Left alone with a vibrator dangling above her, Brooke arches her back but can't quite reach the target. Pushing up again and again with anxious hips, Brooke is unable to achieve climax in this diabolically frustrating position. There is no release for this sorrowful slave.