Small Villains & Wannabe Heroines

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CAST: Amber Michaels,Autumn Woods,Joy Marks,Persephone,Sara Nichols,Summer Cummings


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

SMALL VILLAINS & WANNABE HEROINS... In "Small Villains," Dynamic Damsel (Sara Nychols) takes on sinister super villainess Artemis Antone and an army of diminutive evil-doers who are all trying to get control of Ewanatiia, the god of mischief! (Featuring Autumn Woods and Amber Michaels.)Novice heroine Lightwave (Persephone) calls on former super villainess Madame Kallikakos (Joy Marks) to help her make a name for herself, but has the Madame really changed her evil ways?"So, We Meet Again" features an inept costumed adventuress (Summer Cummings) who keeps annoying harried super villainess Alexis Taylor. It's a trio of titillating tales no super heroine fan should miss!Directed by Jon Woods