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CAST: Tory Sinclair,Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tory Sinclair plays a beautiful, if somewhat bitchy actress. Darla Crane plays a struggling amateur photographer who's a bit off her rocker. Darla wants to shoot photos of Tory, but the snooty Ms. Sinclair says "No way!" Bad move, because before Tory knows it, Darla's slapped a cloth over her face! Tory struggles valiantly, but soon the fumes from the cloth overtake her. When she awakes, Tory is confused to find herself bound on the set of a photo studio. Her struggles soon alert Darla, who is pleased to find her new subject awake. To the famous star's horror, the batty photographer starts snapping photos of her bound body! Again and again Tory is bound by her captor - she's hogtied, frogtied, and bench-bound two different ways. Each outfit Darla forces on her is skimpier than the last, until she's bound standing, fully nude, barefoot, and nipple-clamped. What's worse is that Darla has now brought out a video camera! Poor Tory tries to cover herself as Darla shoots footage, but that's the least of her worries -- it seems the nutty camerwoman has developed a little crush on her unwilling model. Will Tory ever escape?