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CAST: Layla,Sydney Blake

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay carries in new model Layla over his shoulder. Lithe, brunette and beautiful, she is already roped-up over her pretty pink dress. Giggles escape around her fat ballgag and we sense a bubbly, vivacious personality here. It's almost difficult for us to watch Jay slap her asscheeks and breasts so roughly. ALMOST.
Layla isn't stingy with the gag-noises and she lets us know exactly how each and every thing he does to her feels. Soon her bare tits are as pink as her dress and nipple-squashers only add to her (dis)pleasure. Layla is one obedient little sub, however, and she seems to have no problem at all being bossed around.
When next we find the long-legged babe, she's in a standing spreadeagle, fully nude except for her high heels and a knotted crotchrope. "Ah, this is more like it!" she appears to think. That is, until Jay applies those mean little clamps to her nipples and her thighs start to feel the *real* strain of this particular position. Maybe a gag change will take her mind off those quivering quads? Nope. In fact, Jay bends her over to make the tie even tougher!
Now clad in turquoise and black lingerie, Layla is lovely as she writhes on the floor - so a tight little hogtie should get her back into discomfort-mode! Next, it's a pussy-baring frogtie for lovely Layla...until Jay suspends one of her ankles and adds big black clips to her poor nipples. Time to perch this pretty little pet on a tall stool and dress her up in red: red heels, red gloves, red corset, red nipple-clips and the biggest red ballgag we've ever seen. Welcome aboard, Layla!
Next up is another newcomer, Sydney Blake! Blonde and California-tanned, Sydney has curves galore. Her huge breasts alone will have you drooling but just wait until Jay goes to work on her. Perhaps she got a bit more than she bargained for with this shoot because each new rope seems to bring with it a sweet little squeal of surprise.
Jay does a lot of handgagging over Sydney's ballgag, then covers it with a roll of white medwrap...but it's the hard slaps on her ass that really get her yelping!
Sydney's fancy French lingerie can barely contain her voluminous assets (so delicious) and when Jay whips her lush thighs and tits, she seems almost beside herself. There's no "acting" allowed here, sweetheart, so the next position is designed to bring out this blonde bombshell's inner "bondage-beast." It starts out simply enough as a nude and barefoot upright frogtie, but then Jay adds those wicked little nipple tweezers and hauls her up onto knee-point in a semi-suspension.
Let's just say we hope to see a LOT more of Sydney Blake in the future!
(And as always, Jay generously includes a full preview slice of JEV-167!)