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CAST: Amber Michaels,Angelique Lei,Chanta Rose,Cory Lane,Darby Daniels,Jewell Marceau,Karina Santos (aka Karina Ballerina),Loren Chance,Sadie Atkins,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jack Banners "SOMETHING MADE ME DO IT..."90 Minutes!Starring Jewell Marceau, Tanya Danielle, Chanta Rose, Cory Lane, Amber Michaels, Angelique Lei, Darby Daniels, Karina Santos, Sadie Atkins and Loren ChanceAnother smashing presentation from Jack Banner. His buxom models are squeezed into form-fitting lingerie, panty-peek miniskirts, button-busting tops and skyscrapers heels. Then they are strictly roped and gagged, controlled and dominated, then stripped and left to struggle for your pleasure.Jewell has dented Jack's new car...and she has to pay the price. Five very severe tie-ups push Jewell past her limits...and her waist cinching and bosom enhancing corsets don't make her trials any easier. Amber plays a voluptuous TV host who craves being tied up by her assistant Loren in between tapings. Jack knocks out Loren, ropes and gags her, then takes her place. A blindfolded Amber doesn't know the difference until its way too then she's arched backward into a shameless breast baring bed tie.Next up is teasingly seductive Sadie Atkins. We watch through her bedroom window as she strips 3 times, describing 3 bondage tapes she has received from a mysterious mailer. Finally her stalker arrives in person, and proceeds to lash poor Sadie into her tightest bondage ever.Lovely Karina is up next. She is surprised by a thug in her motel room...and is smart enough to realize complete compliance is her only hope. She is roughly bound 4 times, ending up in a topless, stocking-foot hog-tie. Her upturned bottom and sexy mouth will leave you breathless.And there's more...two vignettes of stacked blondes Tanya and Angelique round out this blockbuster. Includes on-screen tying and gagging, sexy street clothes and skimpy lingerie, 10 very tempting females, and Jack Banner's wicked rope work..Directed by Jack Banner