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RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

A buried treasure! You will definitely want to own this spanking video or dvd for your very own private collection. It's the best of the best of TAO's old 8mm spanking series. We accidentally discovered some old 8mm reels while cleaning out their storage room. These moives were shot in the mid-1970s. Spanking Scenes #4 features Serena in three out of five adventures, as a special added treat that fabulous spanking superstar, gorgeous, voluptuous Maria is in movie #111- Fake Out, To top it off, Movie #99- Spanking Twins- is a rare, one-of-a kind movie, as we know of no other spanking video that stars two gorgeous twins. So there you have the best collection of spanking scenes Tao has ever made and probably the best vintage collection of spanking to ever hit the screen!