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CAST: Darla Crane,Julia Leahy,Misty Hammond


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It may only be forty minutes long, but for fans of Harmony’s ultimate superheroine Spellbinder, this video is a CLASSIC!
Darla Crane takes the lead as Harmony's mightiest superheroine, in the red, white and blue costume she herself created just for this production.
Spellbinder is quite powerful...except for her one weakness. Whenever rope touches her body she loses all of her strength!
Now she must try to stop the wicked Gagster (played with lusty glee by gorgeous Julia Leahy) and her "Gagmen" from taking over the world with a powerful Electromagnetic Pulse Device. Unfortunately for Spellbinder, Gagster is quite handy with knots!
The buxom crime-buster is aided (sort of) by her cousin Glenda Wynn (blonde Misty Hammond), a non-super-powered heroine wannabe with her own sexy, retro style.
This production is a real favorite among fans of the genre!
Directed by Jon Woods.