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CAST: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Pretty Brandy is at her loveliest in this new outing from ropemaster Bryan Davis. She starts out all alone in the dungeon, wearing a cute little black and pink mini-dress with high heels, rope-leashed to the ceiling. Of course, Bryan soon enters and remedies the situation by slowly stripping off her dress and panties, then applying a tight crotchrope! (He plays a LOT with her big, nubby nipples – much to her dismay -- pulling and leading her around by them.) Next, we find Brandy sitting on the dungeon floor, pondering her situation. When Bryan enters, he pulls her into his lap and paws at her tender flesh, finally rendering her body into a one-leg-up, asymmetrical tie there on the floor. Now it’s time to get out the leather straps! Brandy is strapped on her back, laying on a chair with her legs in the air, while a vibrator buzzes furiously against her pussy flesh. Next, it’s a standing Eiffel Tower position with Brandy’s body strapped into a leather harness. Bryan applies big butterfly clamps to her nipples (in close-up) for your enjoyment, NOT hers! Brandy is strapped to the chair again, bent over and vibrator-stimulated from behind, this time, then it’s another chair-and-strap position that has Brandy’s legs pulled up and wise apart, leaving her pussy open for yet another vibrator assault! No wonder she has stars in her eyes!