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CAST: Lavender Rayne,Lynnie Ma

DIRECTOR: Michael Kahn

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Two more innocent girls find themselves trapped in the east coast dungeon of pro-am B&D director Michael Kahn!
Master Kahn confines his captives with bright and colorful ropes, straps, silk scarves, plastic clingfilm wrap, leather cuffs, steel shackles, chains, cruel plastic zip-ties, spreader-bars, and even a red canvas straitjacket! Sometimes they’re gagged, but often they’re not, so you can clearly hear their gasps, pleas and complaints. Both gals are all-natural, girl-next-door brunettes with ample bustlines and round hips.
MILF-ish Lavender Rayne is first, grabbed right off the sidewalk and tossed to the dungeon floor! Confused and angry, Lavender can only struggle for a brief moment before she’s silenced by a towel over her face. Lights out! Master Kahn binds her all day long, employing vibrating nipple-suckers, an electric toothbrush, a Wartenberg pinwheel, and a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator to up the pain/pleasure factor!
Sweet little round-the-way-girl Lynnie is up next and Master Kahn wastes no time getting her roped. Her scarf tie is made better with a blindfold, and those suckers look downright amazing standing out on her big, hardened nipples
Both ladies play up the drama, complaining directly to the camera. If you like your bondage play rough-n-tumble raw, this is the video for you!
(Available in DVD only!)