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CAST: Carol Delon,Jedi Lang,Jo Bart


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Besides remaining one of our best-selling titles, this vintage classic is an absolute favorite around the Close-Up offices. The acting is campy, the plot is over-the-top, the peril is's MARVELOUS!
Originally written as a major motion picture, the script is heavy on plot and features some really enjoyable performances.
We first meet Jedi and Jo and discover that they've just robbed a wealthy woman and left her bound, gagged and struggling.
As we ride along with them in their car, we learn what they have in mind next: an act of personal revenge upon Carol, a gal got a bit too close to Jedi's man the night before.
Tracking Carol down to her apartment, the two bad babes quickly con their way in and wham-o! Carol soon finds herself tightly bound and gagged while her captors ransack her home! But what will she do when they rope her up in her own steam sauna and leave her to sweat?
The story progresses and much bondage ensues...leading right up to the sale of nasty Jedi and Jo into bound sexual slavery!
Don't miss out on your chance to own a true bondage classic!