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CAST: Catalina L`Amour, Cleo Nichole, Deva Station, Jill Hayworth, Lena Ramon


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Fave bondagette Catalina L'Amour starts us off with two scenes in the garden. First she's corseted, panty-less and ring-gagged, bound to the trellis, then she struggles sexily on the ground in a lingerie-and-heels hogtie.
Next we're treated to six scenes of pretty blond Cleo Nichole and feisty redhead Deva Station. They start out tied back-to-back on the sofa, then wriggle and writhe in a dual hogtie. Moving to the floor, the ladies lie bound side-by-side, then sit tied back to back. Now on the bedroom for two different spread-eagle ties. For these two scenes, both gals are nude and barefoot!
Rounding out the program are three scenes featuring lovely brunettes Lena Ramon and Jill Hayworth. First they're fettered in a dual hogtie of their own, then they're back-to-back, lying on the floor. Finally, Lena is bound in a semi-suspension spreadeagle while Jill teases her with a vibrator! Wicked Jill coaxes TWO REAL orgasms out of Lena's helpless, barefoot body!