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CAST: Andrea Neal,Brook Evans,Carli,Eve Ellis,Tanja Wilder

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This video feature five lovely ladies, all securely bound by Jay!
Eve's first, sporting heavily weighted nipple clamps, a spreader bar, and a tight crotchrope, her elbows firmly together in back. A whip bites her tender skin, and evokes whimpers. Finally, she's hogtied, the spreader bar still between her ankles!
Bondage superstar Andrea Neal is up next! Firmly tied to a chair, her full breasts are tightly bound. Jay enters and exchanges her ballgag for a very large white wad of cotton. Next he moves shapely body into a strict strappado, followed by an elbows-together lotus position with a leather head-harness gag.
Lovely Brook Evans is third, strapped up and kneeling on the bed. She wears a leather lace-up single sleeve and harness gag. Jay fondles her breasts and thighs, causing moans of pleasure. He attaches the end of her sleeve to the ceiling, then whips her ass to a bright red. In her next scene she's held in a bent-over position by a chain locked to her ballgag while Jay spanks her backside with a leather slapper.
Petite Tanja Wilder starts off in a severe strappado position, bent over with her arms bound to a post, up behind her head. Jay whips her vulnerable ass until it matches her red lingerie! Nipple clamps are added, the chain running around the back of her knees to keep her from wriggling too much. Now all in black lingerie, Tanja is post-tied. Clamps pinch her nipples and the ballgag causes drool. When Jay alters the position, her feet are up off the ground, her body completely suspended from the post!
Finally we get all-natural Carli, totally nude. First she's securely packaged with bright white tape, then white rope bites into her flesh. After enjoying her large tits for a bit, Jay places a white cloth blindfold over her eyes to keep her in the dark as she struggles to free herself.