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CAST: Amber Michaels,Angelique Lei,Courtney Chambers,Julie Simone,Karina Santos (aka Karina Ballerina),Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green),Misty Grayson,Sadie Atkins,Sadie Belle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Oak's Studio of Fear" 113 Minutes starring Sadie Atkins, Courtney Chambers, Misty Grayson, Mary Jane,Angelique Lei, Amber Michaels, and introducing Karina Santos,with Sadie Belle and Julie Simone You've reached the "Harmony Zone" when our mysterious narrator, Sadie Atkins, introduces "The Studio" (set entirely in our brand new studio). She anticipates her bondages, unlike hapless Karina Santos, who experiences Harmony style for the first time—culminating in her first strappado! Then Julie Simone becomes possessed by the studio's ancient spirit, forcing her to creatively tie and gag Mary Jane onscreen—three times (including a classic standing spread eagle)! Amber Michaels and Misty Grayson both find out "What's the Big Idea?!?" while competing for bond and gag superiority (natch!).Following is an onscreen tie by superstar Sadie Belle of blonde beauty Angelique Lei; and sensual Molly Matthews finds herself bound face-to-face—and bosom-to-bosom—with new Harmony discovery Courtney Chambers.At almost 2 hours in length, this one clocks in as the longest "OK" series DVD/video yet! Nine Harmony favorites, Three complete stories, Two extra vignettes, Two onscreen tie-ers—combine for pure bondage enjoyment!Directed by Oak O'Kork