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CAST: Jewell Marceau,Sabrina Love-Cox,Tanya Danielle,Zora Banx


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Renting a place for the summer can be a real hassle, especially when you have to share it with a bitch!
Zora and Jewell both show up to check out a house to rent for the summer, only to find a note on the door telling them the owner has stepped out and to wait inside. They do, but things get hairy right away as each girl wants the house for herself.
Insults turn to shoves and the fight is on with sweaty scratching, hair pulling, choking and tit-squeezing!
Eventually, brazen Zora shows sweet Jewell just how hot girl-on-girl action can be!
STORY TWO…Ultra-busty Tanya has kindly let feisty Sabrina move in with her for the summer. Sabrina, however, hogs the stereo, the TV, the VCR and the DVD player like she owns the place. When poor Tanya complains, Sabrina goes off on her! Tanya loses her cool and things get violent.
This fight is WILD! These two muscular, natural-born fighters throw each around like toys!
Breast-crushing squeezes, scissor-locks, face-sitting, choking, hair pulling...the works!
Suddenly in the midst of their hissing rage, tricky Sabrina turns the tables on Tanya by licking her pussy. Overcome, Tanya submits and hot girl-sex ensues!
(Written and directed by Darla Crane!)