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CAST: Melissa,Shannon Kelly

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

With a title like that, you'd expect there to be a LOT of suspension bondage in this video…and you'd be absolutely right!
Petite powerhouse Shannon Kelly is the star of this show, with five stringent ties that demonstrate her incredible endurance and stamina. First, Shannon struggles on the floor in an asymmetrical hogtie variation. Jay enters to tighten a few ropes and then winches her up off the ground; leaving her to dangle upside down from one frog-tied thigh!
Next, Shannon struggles nude and cross-ankled (with tan stockings). Jay enters to change her gag, then fully-suspends her from her chest harness! In sexy black lace undies and heels, Shannon squirms in a “package” tie. Jay adds clamps to her nipples and cranks her up until she’s tilted onto her side, spinning helplessly in the air!
Standing in black and red lingerie and heels, Shannon endures a belled ballgag, harsh nip-clips, and a crotchrope hoisted so sharply it'll blow your mind!
For her last scene, Shannon wobbles on her high heels with a wooden dowel bit in her mouth. Her chest ropes are leashed above her head and, after clamping squashers on her nipple nubs, Jay hauls her legs out from under her, suspending her from her chest and knee ropes! No one handles Jay’s astonishing suspensions like Shannon does!
Rounding out the program are four scenes of yet another new addition to the Edwards stable! Melissa has lush, chestnut colored hair, naturally-juicy curves, and a downright impressive tolerance for excruciatingly tight bondage. She even handles Jay’s wicked white stinger whip with sexy style!
(As always, included is a full preview of the next production, JEV-180.)