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CAST: Evea,Margo

DIRECTOR: Damien King

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

From Bryan Davis & Damien King, we bring you two lovely Swedish girls. When these ladies from Sweden decided to visit the U.S. they were not planning to get all tied up, but somehow they met a fellow who convinced them it would be fun. We see Margo in white panties and bra in her first scene and then with no bra. She is gagged and handcuffed in a swing. No way out of this one. She has chains on her wrists and ankles. Her barefeet wiggle and squirm as she attempts to get out of her bondage.
The second lovely lady is red headed Evea. She introduces herself as she lies on her stomach handcuffed to a beam. She sits spread eagled with a bar behind her legs. She is in stocks with her black nylon stocking feet twisting and moving.
Both ladies make all kinds of attempts to escape but to on avail.