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CAST: Jean Casey


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jean Casey is the owner of a business under threat of a hostile takeover. On the evening before an important stockholder's meeting, she goes to bed early, to be well rested. No sooner is she asleep, though, than a man breaks in and ties her up! After making her dress herself, he re-ties her, yanks a bag over her head, and drives her through the rain to a remote compound in the woods. In her voice-over we learn that the man has been hired not only prevent her from attending the meeting, but also to force her to sign over the rights to her company. Stripped back down to her lingerie, she is bound again and again by her captor, until a long stint on a St. Andrew's Cross finally convinces her to sign the proxy. Taking advantage of the man's new trust in her, she attempts to escape but he catches her and punishes her with a tough, bent-over chair tie. Forced to take a meager shower while still bound, she is then chained to a bed and chloroformed to sleep. Will she ever escape her tormentor?